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Top 3 Things to Do in Nashville

It’s travel season, finally. Take out the suitcases, get the airline tickets, cash in those vacation days, and get ready to make this year one to remember. Don’t forget to make extra room on your photos.

Where to go?

Now, where to go? Disneyland? Are you really a teeny-bopper ? Yes, we’re getting older, but not that old. San Francisco? Seattle? The Grand Canyon? Too busy, too 1990s, too hot. So, what’s new, and interesting?  What will impress the water cooler talk on Monday after the vacation? Got it, Nashville. Nashville? Yes!, Nashville. That’s what no one would expect.

Do you really want to wear cowboy boots for a week? Not, so fast, there’s more – much, much more – to do in Nashville. Yes, let’s go to Nashville, Tennessee. But, where to start?

First, what a thriving downtown scene. Literally get off the plane, grab your bags, and, “Bang!,” you’re in the thick of it all. Guided bike tours, trolley rides, historic landmarks, diners, and upscale restaurants. All this, and it’s not even midday.

To fill up the whole full week ease into it and enjoy what comes next. Take a comfy stroll through the historic Belle Meade historic museum, get dropped off at the Jack Daniels distillery. Be amazed at the drama and depth of the Country Music Hall of Fame and why not audition at the Grand ‘ol Opry, for fun since there’s no stage big enough to hold your talents! All this within walking distance or a popular bus tour away.

Other gems to see.

Lastly, see what other unsearched areas of Nashville have to offer. Thrill yourself with a zipline adventure, then cool off in the Fall Creek Falls. When you’re ambitious side has been satisfied it’ll be time to return back, refreshed, pumped, and hungry, to the bustling city of Nashville.  What about enjoying a walking ice cream tour? Yes, enjoy all those uncommonly delicious flavors while drifting through the outskirts of the town.

Ice cream too trendy? Ok, how about an underground donut tour. Really treat yourself and eat your way back into the downtown Nashville scene, either with a guide or alone. There’s more than mile high burgers and crispy fries to devour. You can find any type of food your vacation desires throughout Nashville.

Now it’s your turn. Take a walk outside the wild side of those common place cowboy boots. See what Nashville, Tennessee has to offer. Share those photos, rub every jaw-dropping experience in the face of the water cooler talk. Prepare yourself for next year to visit the other sights you didn’t see on this trip to Nashville.  Good move!  Your friends just wish they had thought of this first.

Alan Lechusza