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It’s Alan Lechusza, PhD. I define my writing works through critical philosophical approach to pop culture aesthetics and expressions. My research topics and projects take a critical theory directive that strives to dismantle, deconstruct and redefine aesthetic hermeneutics of socio-political power and ideological epistemologies through a dynamic dialectic intersections of pop culture identity and the lexicons of power.

Alan Lechusza, PHD defines his works through a critical philosophy of pop culture aesthetics and expressions. Research topics and projects produced by Dr. Lechusza reside within the areas of critical theories which strive to dismantle, deconstruct and redefine aesthetics, hermeneutics of socio-political power and ideological epistemologies through dynamic dialectic interactions of pop culture and the lexicons of power.

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I love to write about global pop cultures, the expressive arts, and philosophical perspectives.

Ghost Writing

In the nuances of ghostwriting, I’ve proved to be a master in this domain.

Alan writes essays that critique and examine the socio-political situation of the Native and Non-Native borders.


Other than writing and providing analysis, I also enjoy researching topics of my interest.

My Work

My essays and research can be accessed from my website and other social media platforms.


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Where the melody of ideas dance there stands a luminary whose name resonates with profundity, Alan Lechusza, Ph.D.

Dr. Lechusza is an alchemist of knowledge, transmuting information into a balance of intrigue, enjoyment, and wisdom.  Capturing thought provoking areas such as culture, the arts, and philosophy, Dr. Lechusza responds to the urgent call to disrupt institutionalized biases through a lexicon of liberation.  Dr. Lechusza’s writings venture in-depth to produce through provoking and stimulating works.

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Join me on a journey through the powerful influence of Iconography in popular culture.
From symbols deeply rooted in history to their modern-day significance, let’s explore the vibrant tapestry that continues to shape our world. Discover the stories, meanings, and connections behind these iconic symbols.

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Writer -Alan Lechusza

Join me on a writing journey that expands through, beyond, and toward the powerful iconic expressions of pop culture, society, politics, the importance of identity signifiers, and perspectives of our rich global communities.


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